Headphones for Computer Lab???

Headphones for Computer Lab??? You may have read over your son or daughter's classroom supply list recently and noticed something new - headphones. While the school will always provide students with access to clean and safe headphones to use during computer lab, I and the classroom teachers are encouraging families to send a pair of headphones to school this fall. As the computer teacher, I have a few reasons for this: While we always clean the headphones between uses the best we can, not sharing headphones will help to limit the spread of germs which can be huge during cold and flu season!Choosing their own headphones allows kids to pick headphones that are more comfortable and fit them better than the standard headphones we provide.This will allow students to have access to headphones in the classroom as well as in the computer lab since they will not be shared with other classes. To clarify things a little further, here is some more information about what we are looking for: Head…